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Benefits of Membership

Once you are a rank and file member of Local 27, you are able to gain access ti a variety of resources and benefits that come along with being part of Local 27. Some of those resources and benefits include:

State of the Art Training Centres:

Local 27 has two fully equipped training centres that delivery a range of training programs geared towards both apprentices and journeypersons. To find out more about the Local 27 Training Centre, please visit www.carpenterstraining.ca.

Assistance with Workers Compensation:

Local 27 have experienced staff to help with all aspects of Workers’ Compensation (Workplace Safety & Insurance Board) claims. WSIB staff can also help with Employment Insurance claims and Canada Pension Plan Disability applications.

Access to Business Agents & Organizers:

Union business agents represent the interests of the members Local 27. Besides representing the union to members and management, union business agents are active in the community. Some agents lobby for new labor laws or support political candidates who pledge to support labor causes.

Union organizers help people who work secure union representation at their worksite. A union organizer informs people about their rights, identifies and develops leadership skills among workers, explains the union organizing process and helps the workers campaign for union recognition. The union organizer is a key role in growing Local 27’s membership.

In House Benefits Administrator:

Members of Local 27 have direct access to an In House Benefits Administrator to provide assistance with filing medical claims and support with navigating the benefits plans affiliated with Local 27.

Annual Member Recognition Events:

Local 27 is proud to recognize our over 7000 member membership through ongoing recognition and appreciation events. Events include our annual picnic, member recognition dinners, labour day celebrations, and many other events that happen throughout the year.