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Expo 2025 bid in Toronto supported by majority of Canadians: poll

A bid to host Expo 2025 in Toronto is getting widespread support among Canadians, according to a new poll released Friday.

A survey conducted by Hill+Knowlton Strategies on behalf of Expo Canada reveals 55 per cent of those polled nationwide support a bid with 32 per cent saying they’re not sure and needed more information. Only 10 per cent oppose the bid.
Those living in the Greater Toronto Area who were asked the same question also backed the bid with 56 per cent support, 27 per cent saying they weren’t sure and 15 per cent opposed to the idea.

The Expo, which is often associated with accelerated infrastructure projects for the host city, is an educational event aimed at promoting innovation and is held every five years.

Prime Minister Trudeau said earlier this year that if council approves a bid, the federal government will “explore next steps.”