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History of Local 27

Local 27 is the largest Local within the Carpenters' District Council of Ontario. The history of Local 27 is one that spans over 130 years and has survived through times of depression and prospered in times of growth. On April 18th, 1882, led by Peter J. McGuire, Local 27 was established as an officially chartered Local of the Brotherhood. While job protection and gaining a fair wage have been the prime and ongoing concerns for Local 27 since its inception, it also took an early interest in other aspects of its Members' welfare and ability to compete in the marketplace – issues that remain integral to the Local's mandate and focus to this day. Through the decades that passed, Local 27 would grow in strength and numbers and contribute to the building of some of Toronto's most iconic structures.

In 1982 a referendum was held to merge the Toronto Locals together and with the merger the membership of Local 27 surged to over 4000 members. Below are the names of members who were the original officers of the 'new' Local 27:

  • Ermans Masaro
  • Joe Campbell
  • Matt Whelan
  • Bill Thornton
  • Frank Rimes
  • Lorenzo Monaco
  • Tony Bucci
  • Phil Robichaud
  • Sam DiPetro
  • Jim Smith

Today, Jim Smith is the Brotherhood's Vice President for Canada. Back when he was Business Manager for Local 27, getting recognition for the Canadian component of the Brotherhood was almost impossible. "I can remember when we had a Canada Conference and the General President would give a speech and refuse to answer questions afterwards; we just couldn't be heard." The Carpenters' Union in Ontario has since played a more active role in the International Brotherhood and is now considered to be a crucial component of the Carpenters' Union across the United States and Canada.

As each year passes, the history and role of the Carpenters' Union within the labour movement is becoming increasingly crucial in ensuring that workers across all construction crafts are able to earn a fair wage for a fair days work.