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In Memoriam: Pam McConnell, 1946-2017

“FIND THE ISLAND” was her way of explaining that we need to swim to that place of common purpose


Sugar Beach 027
Glenn Gustafson

Pam McConnell was a warrior for the values that she believed in.

When she took on a cause she was fierce in winning the day, carefully developing a winning strategy, putting forward the case in public or council settings and making the necessary background phone calls and connections to make it happen. Pam McConnell died July 7. She was 71 years old.

To Pam, the most important number at City Hall was 23, the number of council votes needed to win. She was marvellously adept at building a coalition to get her to that magic number. 

Whether it was stick-handling policing during the turbulent transition out of the Fantino years, outsmarting colleagues out to scuttle plans to build the Wellesley Community Centre and Library in St. James Town or opposition to the regeneration of Regent Park, Pam’s tenacity shone through.