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New GO Stations Announced

In total, there will be between 26 and 32 transit stations as part of the SmartTrack network that will provide substantially more and better transit options for Toronto residents and, importantly, connect the Toronto region’s three main job hubs: Markham Centre, the downtown financial district and the airport precinct.  In Toronto, there will be 4 new stations in the west and 4 stations in the east.  The pictures below include sites for the announced Liberty Village station and East Harbour station in the east.  There will also be a station at Carlaw and Gerrard Street.  SmartTrack has the potential to move hundreds of thousands of people a day and will significantly ease congestion of the TTC and the city’s roadways. Because it uses existing GO Rail tracks, it can be delivered faster.  The Carpenters’ Union is proud to have members working on the new GO Stations.  With the announcement of additional stations, new development surrounding the stations is expected, spurring  new projects in both the ICI and condo sector.