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Political Action

Why Political Action Matters

The Carpenters Union has a long and proud history of advocating for meaningful social progress by getting involved in the federal, provincial and municipal political process, both at election time and in the periods between elections. And we have had enormous success, particularly in recent years, with respect to ensuring that governments are responding to the issues that matter most to our members and their families.

Examples of this success can be seen everywhere – from massive infrastructure investments that have created thousands of construction jobs to more balanced labour laws and enhanced workplace health and safety regulations, our political action efforts have made a positive impact. And with your help, we will continue to advocate and achieve our political action goals in the months and years ahead.

How to Get Involved

Political Action can only be successful if our members make their voices heard and come out to support our goals. During election campaigns, there are lots of opportunities to volunteer by helping candidates who support our issues, making sure we get out to vote (and encouraging our friends and family to do the same). And between elections, we need members who are willing to get involved with various lobbying efforts.

We are also very proud to extend our time to community outreach.  Our members take great pride in helping organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Camp Jumoke, Helmets to Hardhats, Villa Charities, Humber River Regional Hospital, Good Shepherd Ministries, True Patriot Love, and the Harold Green Jewish Theatre along with other organizations.

To join the CDCO Political Action Team, please fill out the form below or contact Susan Nicholson by phone at 905-652-4140 or 1-888-803-5008 or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Political Action

Political Action

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