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Students catch TimberFever’s hands-on experience

Eight teams of architectural science and civil engineering students at Ryerson University raced against time and each other in a reality TV-like fashion to complete six-by-eight-foot wood shelters at TimberFever, a design-build contest presented by Moses Structural Engineers Inc.
Students catch TimberFever’s hands-on experience
Aimed in part at promoting the use of wood in design and construction, the event engaged the two professions to collaborate on their distinctive designs — something that rarely happens in universities across Canada, says David Moses, principal of Moses Structural Engineers.

"They are taught in very separate streams and they usually don't interact until they get out into the working world," he says.

Each team was given a pile of lumber and instructions to come up with their own design and build it in the most efficient manner they could.

The shelters were required to meet modern loading standards, just like any building.