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Toronto Integrated Casino/Resort

Toronto Integrated Resort/Casino proposal

As you are no doubt aware, this issue is a contentious one at Toronto City hall, with many proponents on both sides of the debate. Our union has come out solidly in favor of the project and has been forthright in saying so’ in the media, at council deputations and in numerous public meetings and venues. Any support that you as members can add to this is certainly helpful.

The executives and staff are doing what they can, however, when the members add their weight to this issue it can have huge impacts. The timing of events for the next few weeks is intense and your contributions are crucial for the success of this initiative.

I am asking the members that live in the city of Toronto that you contact your City Councillor by phone or email and inform them of your support for the project. Below are email sites for the City of Toronto and for Toronto Casino Facts, that will assist you in determining who your Councillor is- based on your postal code or by maps of each Ward. There are also some upcoming meetings you may want to attend to show your support personally, but I believe that you reaching out to your Councillor can have lots of value.

Information Sources:

1) City of Toronto http://www.toronto.ca/
2) Toronto Casino facts: http://www.torontocasinofacts.ca/
3) MGM site; http://www.mgmcf.com/
4) OLG Modernization: http://www.modernolg.ca/
5) Metrolinx- The Big Move; http://metrolinx.com/en/

Contact your City Councillor by phone or email:

1) City of Toronto: http://www.toronto.ca/
2) Toronto Casino Facts: http://www.torontocasinofacts.ca/

Why we support this integrated resort/casino:

  • Represents an investment of up to $4 billion into Toronto’s economy.
  • Will provide up to 6,000 construction jobs over three years.
  • Will provide up to 10,000 permanent jobs, will thousands more spin off jobs.
  • Estimated to bring in up to 1 million new tourists and $1 billion annually to the local economy.
  • An Integrated resort will create opportunities for ongoing investments and economic activity i.e.: trade shows, new hotels and other tourism.
  • This project can be linked to crucial transit investments such as an Exhibition Place subway station on the proposed Downtown Relief Line (or the DRL, see Metrolinx website-The Big Move).
  • Create new tax revenue for the city, which will be used to drive even more infrastructure projects.

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